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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  October 20, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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sniffer dogs, police choppers on the hunt for a college student who vanished at a metallica concert. here you see it long blond hair, 120 pounds, what police are looking for here. cops apparently found her purse in the arena parking lot and inside her cell phone but there are reports its battery was taken out. we want to know where is morgan harrington. stunning revelations on the balloon dad. the guy at the center of the spectacle has a criminal past, has been in jail. cops also went to richard heene's home twice for reports of domestic violence. days ago police urged mom to get
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help, take the kids to a safe house. we'll take your calls on these topics, you can e-mail or text us. just start your message with the word "prime." your chance to be heard. welcome. this is "prime news." i'm mike galanos. disturbing details coming in on the college student who disappeared at a metallica concert. morgan harrington somehow separated from it her friends at an arena in charlottesville, virginia, hasn't been seen since saturday night, a junior at virginia tech, very close to her family, calls home every day. mom and dad say it is so out of character for her to just disappear with no contact. >> i'd like to say, if morgan is out there and hears us, please come home. someone f someone has morgan, please let her come home safely. morgan's a great kid, and this
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is a very atypical behavior. >> she is as beautiful inside as she is outside. she has family and friends that love her and miss her. if there's any information that anyone can offer that would help us find her, we would appreciate you contacting the police, because, as you can tell, we're pretty distraught. >> now cops may have found her purse along with her cell phone. the family pastor says what is really odd the phone's battery has been removed. what could that mean? joining us to talk about this morgan's dad, dan harrington you just heard from. dan, first off thanks for being us with. how are you holding up at this point, dan? >> well, you know, i think you feel pretty helpless to know what to do in this situation, because, you know, the police are doing all they can do. but, we really appreciate the opportunity to be able to come on the network news and be able to get our story out there. i think that's important and it
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makes us feel that we're making a difference. >> yeah. whatever we can do, dan. what are police telling you at this point, any leads, anying concrete right now? >> there's really apparently very few leads and had a follow-up this morning with the state police and there was no new information from what we learned yesterday and at the press conference. you know, you heard the information from that so we really don't know anything more today than we did yesterday. >> what happened the last day she was seen? you saw her the day she went to the concert, right? >> actually, i actually did not see her that but did speak with her. she actually was at our house and i was working and her mom and morgan picked out outfits that she would wear to the concert that evening and so morgan left roanoke about 12:00 noon and i did speak with morgan prior to her leaving and she called me the last time i spoke
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with morgan was at 2:00 saturday when she called me after she arri arrived safely in harrisburg where she hooked up with her friends and they drove with one of the friends to the concert in charlottesville. >> okay. what do the friends know, what story are they telling? >> well, you know, the friends really don't have a lot of information, either. you know, morgan was with them and then got separated, you know, from what i understand, she went to the rest room and they then got a call from morgan that she was outside the arena and the -- because of the rules of the arena they would not let morgan back in and so morgan's last phone message was to her friends who drove letting her know that she was outside and -- but they really don't know what happened after that. and, you know, don't really know why morgan stepped out of the are arena. >> was she distraught? i mean, obviously she was upset because she couldn't get back in
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the concert but did the friend say anything other than that, out of the ordinary at that point she was outside the arena? noimplts. no. she was excited about the concert and looking forward to it about six months and the group of friends she went with are friends from middle school and quite close group of girlfriends and, you know, it's -- wasn't unusual for them to go to concerts and do things like this. you know, this is a normal kind of activity for morgan. mo morgan missing is not a usual activity in that morgan is a very what my wife and i use the word transparent kid in that she goes to school at virginia tech which is about 35 minutes from roanoke and we have usually daily contact with morgan either, you know, one way or the other us calling or she's calling and then, you know, morgan frequently can just drop in in the middle of the week and, you know, do her laundry or
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comes in on weekends and spends the night and sees her dog, you know, and she has given us access to her apartment with keys and she's given me access to her, you know, to her accounts online and things like that. so, you know, it's not as if she's hiding things. and this is not behavior she would have. >> so, is there a boyfriend in the picture at all? >> no. no, she does not have a boyfriend. she's -- you know, this -- i think she's been taken. >> is anybody at the concert, does anybody recollect seeing her at the concert outside of her friends coming forward with any info? >> you know, that's information that the police apparently have some leads but, you know, we don't know the details of those. so, i think, you know, we were really fortunate, i think when i made the call to the police on sunday, uva police responded very, very quickly. and the university community, as well as anyone who had a
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university of virginia e-mail account got the, you know, sort of the alarm message and morgan's face and missing persons story was posted almost immediately and -- and it was also on the news in charlottesville on sunday evening, which is, you know, very quick, you know, out of the box, i think, for police to put that online and make it public. >> dan, it must be so hard for you to say you just said a moment ago you believe she was taken. it's just, why do you say that? let me stop there. >> because morgan -- morgan wouldn't leave. i mean, morgan is tied into -- into home and, you know, she's -- this is just not behavior that she would have. you know, she, to our knowledge, did it not have a boyfriend and, you know, you know, there may be circumstances we're not aware of but, you know, i think morgan
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was pretty transparent with us, you know, and this is just not something morgan would do. >> dan, if you could, if morgan's watching right now, what you would like to say to her or who may know where she is? >> morgan, if you're out there and you see that, please come home, we love you. we have friends and family who have surrounded us that are supporting us and they love you and if someone has morgan, please return her to us safely. >> dan harrington, thank you for your time. we will continue to follow this story. our thoughts and prayers with you and your wife as you try and stay strong for this very difficult time. dan harrington, thank you again. >> thank you. >> okay. that's dan harrington. we'll take a quick break. when we come back we'll talk to investigators, our experts, as we try and piece this together. we'll take your calls, your comments, your questions at 1-877-tell-hln.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln, continuing our conversation what could have happened to morgan harrington? want to read a facebook comment, a very astute one f. someone removed the battery talking about from it her cell phone that was found i'm guessing they didn't want anybody to get pings from the cell phone towers to that phone to locate her. let's go to don clark former fbi special agent in charge. how odd is that to hear that, purse found, cell phone in it, battery out. do you concur with our facebook comment there. >> yeah, i would think so, mike. because they won't be able to call so nothing will go from there. nothing will chain from there and they won't know where it is. here's the other situation, mike, first of all my heart really goes out to that father having girls myself i hope things work out for them but at
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these arenas and things i'm thinking about the message she called her girlfriendss -- left her girlfriends and said i'm going to the bathroom. usually those fall zilts are sort of inside a lot of the arenas and so forth. so that sort of troubles me a little bit. in addition to that, hani of the arenas have an outside fence around that. i don't know if this has that or not but many do so that sort of bothers me but i will say one thing that at the time from what i've heard that she separated from her friends that the main attraction had yet to perform, which means that most of the people were probably in the stadium that were coming to the stadium and there could have been an opportunity for somebody out -- who was hanging around outside to do something sinister. >> let's go to crystal, phone call from virginia. crystal, were you at this concert? >> caller: yes, i was. >> let me ask you about, you wouldn't need to leave the arena to use the rest room right? >> caller: no. >> how did she get outside, what are your thoughts on that?
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>> caller: actually there are several different areas in front of the building. some people had like back stage passes or had four seats would come in from a different entrance on the side. but, while you're inside, we were actually on the 110 section and the bathrooms are inside. they are very huge inside. the first two acts did perform. it wasn't really that packed in there at that time. my husband and i were actually talking about how many seats were empty and it really did not start to fill up until about a quarter of 9:00 and that's when the crowd was coming in to actually see metallica. that was the biggest crowd. >> she separated from 8:40 from her friends. at that point the crowd was still filing in, you are saying. >> caller: yeah, they really started to pile in at that time. that's why i was really concerned like what time frame she was missing because i know when we left it was like a swarm of people going out of there and we were kind of staying back because there were so many people going out we were trying to miss the crowd of people.
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i told my husband, you know, the traffic was bad. i sa >> she came -- again, separated about 8:40, crystal. thanks for the call. stacey kaiser our psychotherapist, what's your read on this? who would just on a front who have would do this? what are we looking for here? >> well, first of all, it is suspicious to me that she ended up outside the arena and makes me wonder if she saw someone she knew and walked ou so i'm sure they are trying to figure that out. it brings up the buddy system theory what was she doing alone. when people are at these events big or small they need to travel with others. >> don, as you heard from crystal who went to the concert that's a key point how she ended up outside that arena, right? >> that's what really bothers me how did she get outside that arena. now i'm even more bothered about this situation because just
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listening to the last caller there were a lot of people still coming in before the main performers and that would have been very difficult to -- for somebody to grab someone, unless she was in an isolated location, mike. >> well, we'll keep following it. our thoughts and prayers with the family of morgan harrington. we appreciate it. coming up jaw-dropping details about anna nicole smith coming out in court, pregnant, addicted to painkillers stormed out of rehab. her psychiatrist opens up to lawyers even called her hostile. what does this mean for howard k. stern and the two doctors who are facing charges?
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welcome back. incredible revelations in the late anna nicole smith now just out of court, pregnant and addicted to painkillers on the stand her psychiatrist says she tried to get anna nicole off drugs while she was pregnant and in rehab. she said the model tried to quit and go cold turkey, became hostile, walked out of treatment. a quote, reportedly from her, give me my medication and leave me alone. ten months later she was dead. the three are the focus of this week's court hearing, her partner, boyfriend slash lawyer howard k. stern and the two doctors -- all thee confused of
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conspiring to illegally funnel prescription drugs to her. drew findley to talk about it and jim moret and chief correspondent for "inside edition." jim starting with you with the way it is going do you think we'll have a trial. >> what the prosecution is trying to show, which she did with this one witness, that anna nicole fits the legal definition of addict. that's important because the prosecution is trying to show howard k. stern and the other two doctors knew she was addicted and continued to supply her with drugs and conspired to do so. if they can prove this at a preliminary hearing, three of them will go to trial. this testimony is important because it does establish through this psychiatrist who treated anna nicole at cedar sinai when she was pregnant she discovered, the psychiatrist discovered one of the three docto doctors had spribd her with seven different medications and with anna nicole was asked about these medications she said, ask howard, referring to howard k.
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stern. the prosecution is trying to link up drug use, anna nicole and these three. if they do so, they are going to go to trial. >> drew, sounds like they are doing a pretty good job of it as a criminal defense attorney are, you concerned for your clients at this point? >> well, you have to remember that in a preliminary hearing all you are talking about is a probable cause determination. so, really from the defense perspective, this is their opportunity to gather up as much information as they can. in civil cases you have depositions in criminal cases you hope to have a preliminary or probable cause hearing so really not intimidated. it's really an opportunity to gather up as much information as you can. we all learned about preliminary hearings in the famous o.j. simpson one which lasted like three weekss and ultimately helped the defense win that case. >> let me read a facebook comment. jim it speaks to she was an adult and could make her own
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decisions. how does that play into this if at all? we'll show video that says she says wasn't capable of making her own decisions. go ahead. >> she was an adult and pregnant, she wanted to get off drugs because she knew she was pregnant and didn't want to harm her unborn baby t. clearly shows her intent to get off drugs. whether she was able to or not only speaks to the addiction. just because she couldn't break the habit doesn't mean she didn't want to. >> drew, how did the other three fit into that part of the e indication, if at all, legally. >> whether or not they enabled her, whether as a friend or boyfriend or as a physician, you know, these cases like this and michael jackson get so much publicity but those of us who do this for a living know, a lot of physicians don't even want to be in the profession anymore constantly under the watchful eye of prosecutors both federal and state. >> a quick break. we'll take your calls on this at 1-877-tell-hln. stay with us.
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welcome back to "prime news" on hln. we'll be talking balloon boy hoax coming up. what police are saying. the dad at the center of the spectacle, we're got new details about richard heene, violent criminal past. new speculation on his just this fer ver, this quest for fame and could this have driven this dad over the aej and what's the repercussions for his wife and kids. we'll take your calls on that at 1-877-tell-hln. first this, talk about being driven to the edge an american father not giving up, getting his kids back from japan. he's out of a japanese jail we can tell you that back home in tennessee for the first time he's publicly speaking about what happened overseas.
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christopher savoie, flew to japan trying to get his kids back from his ex-wife and what went down like a blockbuster movie found the kids walking from school, picked them up tried to get to the u. u.s. consulate but the wife called the cops. a race to get to the consulate. he ends up arrested at the gates with his little girl in his arms then hauled off to jail. >> didn't find out who their dad is, who he's all about and that he loves them. and if loving my kids so much that i really want to be with them is a crime, well then i'm guilty. i'm guilty of loving my kids. >> more to the story, savoie says he was mistreated behind bars and interrogated behind bars. he is prevented to have contact with his kids, can't even send them birthday presents. we'll take your calls
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1-877-tell-hln. jennifer, first off talk built ruling, no contact with the kids, can't even send a birthday present. how did they come to that ruling? that's just so harsh. >> that was the stipulation in order to allow him to go back to the united states. so, he had to agree to that in order to get out of the country. the japanese courts aren't like the american courts. fathers do not have such great rights in japan, an issue to begin with. that's why he tried to employ self-help measures to take the children away without going through the court system which was not the right thing to do but then again, he is sort of shut out when it comes to japan. moms have all the rights there and don't even recognize the father's rights. so, they're saying in some respects that he, you know, he can pursue this through the court system but we all know it's probably not going to be a worthwhile attempt to do anything and he probably won't see the kids. >> yeah, staring at long odds. this is christopher savoie talking about his dramatic attempt to try and get his kids back. let's listen.
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>> it wasn't a violent act. >> oh, no hugging your kids and putting them in the car, i hardly think that's a violent act. >> you didn't hit your ex-wife or push her? >> absolutely not. i did run with my daughter in my arms to the consulate door you what there was a whole riot gear of police running after me with shields and batons. >> in riot gear? >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> quite a story he is telling, drew. did he hurt his cause trying to get the kids or what he is staring at in the japanese courts, was this his only shot? >> when you practice law in another country and you have overlapping issues that involve another country, you actually have to use diplomatic resources so that, for example, i have witnesses somewhere in europe, another country or asia, i have to utilize part of the justice department that has diplomatic relationships with that country and they supervise how that would take place, rather obvious
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from this set of circumstances, he didn't do that. and that's really quite unfortunate because it's shedding some negative light on him, as dramatic as it seems and as a parent i can't fa thom his situation but, at the same time let's look at the record. i don't mean to sound like mr. prosecutor here which i'm far from but they spent a considerable amount of time living in japan, a fact that will be taken into consideration. the marriage terminated apparently on the accusation he was cheating on his wife and these are all the things that are kind of operating against him. in this what otherwise would alike a real emotional appeal on his behalf. but, the way to do this is through diplomatic means. it's just the way it, is whether you're a layman or an attorney, whether it's a divorce, whether it's criminal or civil. we all have to play by those rules. >> jennifer, is that his only shot, diplomatic means and the japanese court do they take into account -- >> absolutely. i think that is the way for him
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to proceed given his circumstances but i lay the blame on the judge in tennessee who allowed the children to go to japan with the mother in the first instance. that should have never happened. japan is not a signator to the treaty that governs relations between various countries and allows children to not be taken away from their parents so this judge, the judges here really need to be cognizant of that allowing a party to go to a country like japan where, you know, there is a chance the father would not be able to see his children if diplomatic measures couldn't allow him to do that. that's where the blame should lie in the first instance. >> she had mentioned it, right, jennifer? she talked about she made this threat out there that she might do this. >> yes. >> and i know chris savoie and his new wife were fear telephone could happen. >> they did all the right thing. they filed a petition with the court to prevent her from going and she made a plea to the court i'm just taking the children on
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vacation and will return with them. the court held their passports initially. she said i'm going to take them on vacation and i'll be back. she did come back. she never was forced to turn the passports back in. this was the problem. she still had the passports in her possession and took off to japan on a permanent basis that's where he lost out and the problem started. >> one last thing, quickly, drew, se talking about being mistreated in jail, in there 17 days. does he have any recourse on that or is that now a moot point? >> i think he's just out of luck, as far as that's concerned because here's the big question when allegations are made. who in the world is going to listen to him? certainly, the united states is not going to take up for him and get into this big war of words with japan over it. we have enough to worry about regarding some economic issues right now. there's going to be nobody he's going to be able to appeal to. that's just a done issue, interesting conversation but that's a dead-end street. >> okay. thanks again, jennifer, drew, we appreciate it.
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coming up, back to balloon boy. with all the drama, we're digging, finding out new information, allegations, again of a massive hoax. we're finding out more information about dad, a violent criminal past. richard heene even spent time in jail. we're also getting a glimpse of the reality show he pitched, with a theme song a catchy one, mind you. you've got to stick around for that.
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welcome back. i can't get over the latest in this balloon dad accused of pulling a fast one on the who would world. richard heene who built that flying saucer looked like a jiffy pop container and caused cops to chase him for hours because we all feared little falcon was flying around inside. cops say again it was a hoax to land a tv reality show. now we're finding out more about richard heene from a violent past and a cheeseball theme song for a show he was pitching. give us a call 1-877-tell-hln. joining me to talk about it welcome back lisa bloom, legal analyst for our sister network cnn and also stacey kaiser sky co therapist and drew findley. we could be looking at felonies, conspiracy, contributing to the dlen wens of a minor attemptiom.
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could federal charges come, as well? >> possibly for illegally going through certain air spaces, apparently it went through two airport's air spaces. a municipal airport and the denver airport as you might recall had to delay traffic because of this coax so the faa is taking a hard look what happened. >> are we getting and idea about cost of all this. people want retribution here, right. >> absolutely. the authorities have not released any figures. they have been very careful about that. my personal opinion is probably tens of thousands of dollars. you know as well as i do any time you send a helicopter tup is expensive. there were a couple helicopters up and as many 20 rescuers on the ground at one point, but by the way i don't think he could payne restitution, only a part-time tile worker, i just don't think he has any funds. >> drew, what are you seeing here as we watch this play out punishment for richard heene? if he's convicted, you know, still claiming innocence but go ahead. >> i think he needs to really
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worry about the looming federal authorities. right now, the faa is looking at civil penalties but i think lisa is right. i mean, the u.s. justice department, the attorney's office in denver let there be no doubt with the national publicity is going to look at whether or not it was a conspiracy to perpetrate fraud, fraud that being this hoax to try to make a show take place doesn't have to actually be completed, mike. it's the attempt. it's any overt acts, was there an ex chain of money, did they bring this gentleman mr. thomas, his so-called promoter. did he get involved or anybody else get involved. if the justice department or u.s. attorney's office sees that they may be knock on his door. >> linda is with us from colorado. your thoughts? >> caller: i would like to know how he supports his family, when neither he nor his wife works and he has, of course, all the daily costs of living and, also,
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how he would buy the equipment he uses for his space travel. >> great question. lisa, kind of touched on that, part-time tile worker. we had heard he was -- he pitched to jimmy kimmel and his people confirmed this to us that he was going to shoot off this rocket and put kimmel's name on it. he wanted 25 grand for that. kimmel and his people said no, never talk to him again. does he have any other means of income besides the part-time tile work. >> he was on "wife swap" twice i assume there was a payment to him and the family for that, probably not a significant amount. i know he has a substantial amount of debt. i don't think the man or his wife make very much money and hoped this would be their ship that could come in and pitched reality shows to the producers of "wife swap" and others, really trying to get a reality show on, obviously that did not happen. >> let's watch that. tmz has footamg and we're able to show it to you t. starts out with richard heene shooting off a rocket here. this is one of his reality show
5:44 pm
pitches, not sure how many are out there. let's watch this and give it a listen. >> finally. whoaaa! ha-ha. ha-ha. ohhh, you got to love it. you got to love it! look at that. >> look at that. >> ohhhh. >> this thing was just a monster. did you see that? 60 pounds worth of rocket up high it to get the waiver from the faa. >> that thing weighed 60 pounds? >> 60 pounds. >> there is richard heene in all his glory. that's the laugh of a stable man, isn't it? >> no it reminds me of the mad scientist cartoons. way see here and we see in all the behaviors we are hearing, this is a guy who is an attention seeker who likes high
5:45 pm
drama, part of why we see the reality show stuff and hearing about domestic violence. he's trying to get attention in the household and controlling the household and bringing his kids into the limelight trying to get attention for his family. >> stacey, we want to hear more from you. shawna, let everyone listen to the theme song as we go to break. this is richard heene's theme song from this reality show. i want you to soak this in and give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln. let's listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ when you want to learn the mystery of how things work ♪ ♪ weather, the planets, the whole universe ♪ ♪ tune into the show that's really effective ♪ ♪ watch richard heene science detective ♪
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. ♪ when you want to learn the
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mysteries of how things work, weather, the planets, the whole universe ♪ ♪ tune into the show that's really effective ♪ ♪ watch richard heene, science detective ♪ >> there you go, catchy, isn't it? the tmz got us the theme song for his reality show. stacey, this guile do do anything, so attention starved to be part of that fabulous reality show and the song that followed, huh? >> absolutely. i will give him this, he's definitely creative but at the cost of everybody who supposedly matters to him in his family and that tells me really and truly how sick he is. >> let's hit on that. what you are seeing here, are you seeing -- i believe the associate, robert thomas, who had been his quote-unquote sten gaffer worked with him a couple months began to see that, so staengs starved and neglect to the family. is that what you are seeing? >> exactly. this is class sdifk narcissistic
5:49 pm
behavior. everything is about him and how he looks and what will make him look good and doesn't worry about the effects on anyone else, including his family. >> let's listen to that sound bite we have of robert thomas, an associate a couple months, his read on the dad. >> a very creative individual, very hyperactive. unfortunately, i think he's a little driven by fame and really interested in kind of promoting himself. i think he had, you know, the ego from "wife swap" and appearing several times on "wife swap" and really needed to focus on his family. >> a little driven? lisa bloom, obviously we see this like, hey, how are the kids. authorities, how much can they looking a dig and make sure the kids are safe in that varmt? >> you are absolutely right. the sheriff revealed sunday child protective services is doing an investigation into this family as i think is appropriate. we talked a lot about his
5:50 pm
psychological conditions. what about the anger issue, the man clearly seems to have an anger management problem on "wife swap" he bursts out and falcon heene's story initially was falcon's story was i was so afraid of my father. so i was hiding for five hours. the child is throwing up on the air when his dad is lying right next to him. there is a real reason to be concerned on behalf of these children. >> you are right. all three sons, that is the model you are giving them, to lie before an entire nation. drew, you see that. we've done some digging on his criminal past. 1984 assault with a deadly weapon. three years' probation. he was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse. altercation with a co-worker. authorities have to look into
5:51 pm
this? >> they do. first, thanks for not coming back to me because i was dancing to the tune. this is a testament to the reality tv show. we put tv shows out there, we break up families. this guy has been on two shows. we find out there are headhunters who help you try to find shows. what a test dwromt the garbage we are putting on tv with reality tv shows that a guy like this is not wanting to be on a show. he's been on a show two times. they did their due diligence and they didn't determine that he had prior violent crimes against him. that is beyond the legal conscience. >> you bring up some great points. we have to run. he always wanted it and got a taste of the fame and hell bent on regaining it. coming up, the latest on the uconn football player stabbed after a school dance.
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sniffer dogs, police choppers on the hunt right now for a college student who vanished at a metallica concert. blonde hair, 120 pounds. cops found her purse in the arena parking lot, her cell phone, but there are reports the battery was taken out. what does that mean in the search for morgan harrington? stunning revelations on the balloon dad. he has a criminal past. he's been in jail. cops went to richard henne's home for domestic violence reports. police urged mom to get help,
6:01 pm
take kids to a safehouse. taking your calls 1-877-tell-hln. love your e-mails. or text us at hln tv. it is your chance to be heard. welcome. this is hour number two of "prime news." we have disturbing details on the college student who disappeared at a metallica concert. morgan harrington was separated from her friends at an arena. hasn't been seen since friday night. mom and dad in agony wondering what happened to their daughter. i spoke with morgan's dad about how they are coping with all of this. >> well, you know, i think you feel pretty helpless to know what to do in this situation because the police are doing all they can do. we appreciate the opportunity to be able to come on the network
6:02 pm
news and get our story out there. i think that's important. >> yeah. >> it makes us feel like we are making a difference. >> whatever we can do, dan. what are police telling you? do they have any leads, anything concrete right now? >> there is really apparently very few leads. we had follow-up this morning with the state police. there was no new information from what we learned yesterday at the press conference. we don't know anything more today than yesterday. >> what happened the last day she was seen? you saw her the day she went to the concert? >> i actually did not see her that day. i spoke with her. she was at our house. i was working. her mom and morgan picked out outfits that she would wear to the concert that evening. morgan left roanoke about 12:00 noon and i did speak with morgan
6:03 pm
prior to her leaving and then she called me. the last time i spoke with morgan was at 2:00 on saturday when she called me after she arrived safely in harrisonburg where she hooked up with her friends and they drove with one of the friends to the concert in charlottesville. >> what do the friends know? >> the friends really don't have a lot of information either. morgan was with them and got separated. from what i understand she went to the restroom and they then got a call from morgan that she was outside the arena and the -- because of the rules of the arena they would not let morgan back in. so morgan's last phone message was to her friend who drove letting her know that she was outside. but that's all. they don't know what happened after that. they don't know why morgan stepped out of the arena.
6:04 pm
>> was she distraught? she was upset she couldn't get back in the concert. did the friends say anything out of the ordinary? >> no. she was excited about the concert and had been looking forward to it about six months. the group of friends she went with are friends from middle school. a close group of girlfriends. it wasn't unusual for them to go to concerts and do things. this is a normal kind of activity for morgan. morgan being missing is not a usual activity in that morgan is a very what my wife and i use the word transparent kid in that she goes to school at virginia tech which is about 35 minutes from roanoke. we have usually daily contact with morgan. one way or the other, us calling or she's calls.
6:05 pm
morgan frequently can drop in in the middle of the week and do her laundry or she comes in on weekend and spends the night and sees the dog. and she has given us access to her apartment with keys. she has given me access to her accounts online. it is not as if she is hiding things. this is not behavior she would have. >> is there a boyfriend in the picture at all? >> no. she does not have a boyfriend. this -- i think she's been taken. >> is anybody at the concert that -- does anybody recollect seeing her outside of her friends come forward with any info? >> that is information the police apparently have some leads. we don't know the details of those. so i think we were really fortunate when i made the call to the police on sunday, uva police responded very, very
6:06 pm
quickly. >> more information. the cops may have found her purse along with her cell phone. the family's pastor says what is really odd, the phone's battery had been removed. what could that mean? joining us stacy kaiser and also with us don clark former fbi special agent in charge. don, i'm going to go to a facebook question on this. this is from jina, what if someone took her from the concert. doesn't the cell phone get fingerprinted? are there cameras outside of the arena? >> mike that is a great point. that person must have been reading my mind. that was my first point to come up with. i'm sure law enforcement must have taken fingerprints. i understand her car may have been left in the parking lot. that car has to be processed as well to see if anybody touched it or was around that. with all due respect to the father here that it is a slippery slope to say what they
6:07 pm
don't have such as a boyfriend or they don't do this or don't do that. as far as law enforcement is concerned and i speak from that perspective is that the law enforcement community has to look at all of that. the fingerprints, whether there was a boyfriend and try to see if she was taken by someone else. >> let's get a call in. sharon in nevada. your comment or question here. >> caller: hi, mike. i totally agree with don. and my heart goes out to this family. you know, i think her friends -- being a woman that goes to concerts myself, no female goes to the restroom by herself. very, very few do. so i think there's something more to it than what the friends are -- and they're probably scared to say anything, too. >> interesting point, too. stacy, that is a point of contention with you as well. the friends and what they know
6:08 pm
and just to let another friend two off like that. >> i definitely am an advocate for the buddy system. what has been brought up about the students. most college students don't share the lives with their parents however they are typically in touch with their friends. i would think this girl if she is a standard college student would have been texting her friends and communicating if something had gone wrong and she could. that is what makes me think her friends don't know what happened. >> when we come back, more on this. how did she end up outside the arena? we'll take your calls 1-877-tell-hln.
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
we're back. "prime news" on hln. we have a student who has disappeared, student from virginia tech. morgan harrington. had a chance to talk to her father, very strong, brave man to come on. speaks from a dad's perspective. this is a girl very close to her family. his take is he believes she was taken. we'll take your calls, 1-877-tell-hln. laurie is with us in florida. your thoughts here? >> caller: hi, mike. my question is did she come alone to this concert? supposedly she came with friends. why weren't the friends worried about her that night and call the cops that night that they didn't leave with her? >> friends, she did go with friends. they separated about 8:40 and they is the last we know of. she told them she was outside
6:12 pm
the arena. don, as an investigator, that is a key detail. the last time they saw her, any contact they had with her after that. where do you go from there? >> certainly, you have to talk to those friends. you have to repeatedly talk to them. sometimes you get additional information from these kids. also, mike, i want to go back to the cell phone real quickly because i'm sure that law enforcement must have gotten all of the telephone records in the past which may and having to check every one of those numbers with whom she had contact with and talk to those people and find out where they were and their contact with her. you have to do that. >> don, let me stay with you. it is an ominous sign when we have cell phone left in purse and battery removed from the cell phone so there is no tracing cell phone pings. >> yeah. that sort of puzzles me. not necessarily the fact they
6:13 pm
left there but with all of this going on. if was an adversary altaking of this yun lady, someone was kidnapping her, i have to believe there had to be yelling and screaming going on. with all of these people coming about out there, i'm just at a loss to figure out how someone could have taken her without perhaps luring her on to go with them. >> stacy, let's go back to you on that front. we are puzzled how she ends up in the arena. the main band hadn't performed yet. there are details that make us question. >> it does make me wonder if she saw someone she knew or someone lured her. if she is the kind of girl someone is describing she wouldn't behave in a suspicious way. >> we have friends. how do you go about trying to
6:14 pm
find out who saw her at this concert. she wasn't there in a vacuum. somebody had to see her and somebody had to see her outside the arena. >> the law enforcement community has to get the word out to the community. i don't know how many thousands of people that may have been at this. start back with those friends and also take a look at the service people around arena. every arena particularly now has security guards around. you have concession stands that people are there, ticket takers and that type of thing. you've got people in certain positions and in particular where you enter and depart from the area. you're going to have someone there who possibly could have seen something or would have seen something. >> stacy, as we look at motive, who would do this and why. if they left the purse and cell phone, robbery not a motive? >> it is one of two things, it is a random act where they saw a
6:15 pm
girl alone and an opportunity or somebody who knew her, followed her, stalked her, lured her out and took her away. >> don, motive? >> i believe that it's got to be one who either knew her as stacy just said or someone who tried to grab her. still i'm troubled with the fact of someone grabbing her in that mass of people and under that circumstance unless she was lured far beyond the area where the people was and that raises a whole different situation. >> guys, have to leave it there. stacy, don, appreciate it. jaw-dropping details about anna nicole smith. she was addicted to pain killers while pregnant. who could help her?
6:16 pm
6:17 pm
6:18 pm
welcome back. we are getting revelations on anna nicole smith. pregnant and addicted to pain killers. on the stand her doctor said she tried to get anna nicole off the drugs. the model tried to go cold turkey to get off the drugs for her baby. this reportedly from anna nicole smith, give me my medication and leave me alone. these three are the focus of the court hearing, howard k. sterp and two doctors. we are going to find out if they are facing a trial.
6:19 pm
all three conspireing to funnel prescription drugs to her. with us, drew finley and jim moret, attorney and chief correspondent for "inside edition." do you think we are going to have a trial? >> what the prosecution is trying to show, this witness testified anna nicole fits the definition of addict. the prosecution is trying to show that howard k. stern and the two doctors knew she was addicted and continued to supply her with drugs and conspired to do so. if they can prove this at a preliminary hearing the three will go to trial. this testimony is important because this does establish that the psychiatrist discovered one of the doctors prescribed anna nicole with seven different medications.
6:20 pm
when anna was asked she said, ask howard. if the prosecution can link drug use and thee three people they will go to trial. >> drew, as a criminal defense attorney are you concerned for your clients. >> in a preliminary hearing you are talking about probable cause determination. from the defense perspective, this is their opportunity to gather up as much information as you can. in civil cases you have depositions or in criminal cases the preliminary or probable cause hearing. it is an attempt to gather as much information. we learned about preliminary hearings in o.j. simpson that helped the defense win that case. >> anna was not ready to get help. you can't make anyone get help if they are not ready. jim, that speaks to anna nicole smith was an adult who can make
6:21 pm
her own decisions. how does that play into that? we will show video she wasn't. >> she was an adult. she was pregnant. she wanted to get off drugs because she knew she was pregnant and didn't want to harm her unborn baby. it clearly shows her intent to get off drugs. whether she was able to speaks to the addiction. just because she couldn't break the habit doesn't mean she didn't want to. >> drew, how do the other three fit into that equation? >> whether or not they enabled her, a friend, boyfriend or physician, these cases like this and michael jackson get so much publicity. those of us who do this for a living representing pain management doctors a lot of professionals don't want to be in that profession because they are constantly under the watch of prosecutors. >> we'll take your calls at 1-877-tell-hln. stay with us.
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welcome back. can't get over the latest in this balloon dad accused of pulling a fast one on the whole world. richard henne who built that flying saucer, jiffy pop contraption, the one that cops chased for hours. cops say it is a hoax to land a reality tv show. he has a violent past to a cheese ball theme song he used for the reality show. love to hear from you on this one. joining us to talk about it,
6:31 pm
criminal defense attorney drew finling and psychotherapist stacy kaiser. what is he looking at? i know some of the early charges, felony charges of conspiracy, contributing to the delinquency of a minor. >> it could lead to a federal investigation. i bet there is one. it starting with the faa. we have to see if the u.s. attorney's office is going to think this conspiracy to commit fraud by creating a show or enticement for a show constitutes fraud. this business of criminal prosecution deals a lot with what ifs. what if there was a rescue mission and in that rescue mission we endangered those who were trying to bring this
6:32 pm
balloon down and somebody got injured? when prosecuting attorneys think about do we take this further they look at the what ifs. >> do you see jail time coming or not? >> it will depend what is revealed in the course of investigation. if this is something thought about in the spur of the moment, probably not. if this involved a lot of planning that possibility increases dramatically. >> there were reports from a robert thomas who was a -- he got hooked up with mr. henne. he says a plan was in the works. this one that he relays didn't involve kids but did involve a weather balloon and controversy. stacy, all of this speaks to mr. henne's being hell bent on
6:33 pm
getting attention and keeping it? >> absolutely. 100%. people only try to get away with what they think they can get away with. he thought he could pull this off and get the attention and success he wanted. >> let's listen to mr. henne's attorney, david lane. obviously, he is trying to hopefully the public outrage will blow over. let's try to see where he is positioning himself. >> his state of mind is what you would expect someone's state of mind after law enforcement has searched your house, seized your property, held a press conference announcing you are about to be charged with felony criminal charges. your state of mind would be upset and feel under siege which is how the family feels at this point. >> what is his tact? he sounded and looked like he was confident. where is he going with this? >> well, he's obviously buying time right now. we don't really know what was
6:34 pm
said in those statements. so the viewers understand mr. henne and his wife were separately taken by law enforcement and interviewed away from one another. we did not know what they were said. may be that he -- the attorney is trying to get his arms around this. he is definitely going to diffuse the situation. i condemn the reality tv shows which i believe in. if i were defending mr. henne or mrs. henne i would use that same argument if i determined they were guilty, look, they may be guilty of this but this is the reality of reality tv. people are cultivating things all the time. it is not this situation. it has happened in other situations. >> okay. let's get a call in. alex in michigan. your thoughts here. >> caller: you know, i think this balloon dad is really a psycho. i think he lives in a very
6:35 pm
unrealistic world. i mean, you are putting your child in danger by putting him in an attic for hours. what if he got hungry? what if he had to use the bathroom. i think he is very selfish. honestly, too i think the guy should be punished to the full extent of the law. i think he needs to pay back every dollar that was spent in this search and rescue of this hoax that he put on and even possibly, too, i don't think he deserves to be a father. these children are obviously not properly taken care of. >> alex, thanks for the call. stacy, we have to look at that. let's hit it on a role model front, what he is teaching his kids. he is teaching them to lie to the whole world. we are hitting on more serious stuff when you look at are those kids safe in that environment? >> certainly they are not role
6:36 pm
models for these kids. the department of children services looks at neglect and abuse. from my experience just the balloon hoax isn't going to be enough. if this domestic violence stuff ends up being accurate and there is any violence towards the kids then we have a chance of getting them away from their parents. >> when we come back we are going to look into mr. henne's criminal past. it dates back to 1984. we'll look at that and let you listen to the theme song for mr. henne's reality show.
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
that's my car. hey. hey. >> it is go-time. this in the neighborhood. the henne's neighborhood. a reporter and a neighbor, i guess they've had it with the media swarming around there. you saw the full nelson takedown. now punches. the left uppercut. not sure if any serious injuries. wow. there is the takedown once again. man. pretty brutal. that speaks to some of the offshoot emotions we are feeling. heidi is with us in new mexico. your thoughts here. heidi? one more time.
6:40 pm
heidi, new mexico. >> caller: hi. along with retribution, i think as a nation we are demanding a national apology. i was visiting my mom in pennsylvania and she mentioned hoax. as we were watching this horrific story for four hours she was suggesting, is he dead? is he cold? did he pass out. a national apology not only to us as family but the efforts of the authorities, the whole country that cared and went out of their way, the fire department, the scientific experts. yeah. we deserve a national apology if this is a hoax. >> thanks, heidi. a lot of people followed this. people had tears in their eyes when they thought of a 6-year-old in that contraption hurdling to his death. thankfully he is okay. lisa are you with us? >> yes, i am.
6:41 pm
>> lisa bloom. when you hear that anger and emotion, how is that going to play into punishment? >> heidi is right. i know people who stopped everything they were doing and watched this and choked up for this child. richard henne who came up with such a thing. most of us would never imagine a fantasy where our child is in danger. that is the hoax he concocted. by the way, mike, i think the new information today that you have been talking about, about the prior criminal history of richard henne makes it likely he could face jail time. i have been saying in the past no, i don't see it. now we know he has a criminal history including violent crimes he could get some time behind bars. >> let's bring in stacy kaiser. on a conscience front, you think back, come on, henne. you were going to take a whole
6:42 pm
nation through this and all of the rescue personnel. isn't there something that kicks in where better judgment takes over? >> i think you hit the nail on the head. this guy does not have a conscience. that is part of what makes him psychologically distressed or ill or mentally ill. a lot of people aspire to fame and success and they don't behave this way and put their children at risk even in a psychological way. it tells me there is something way deeper going on. >> yeah. let's say this. that -- well, there is some entertainment value with mr. henne. let's show the video from tmz. the video of this reality show he was trying to pitch as the science detective. it shows him shooting off a rocket. let's listen to mr. henne's laugh for a moment. >> whoa. [ laughing ]
6:43 pm
>> that says it all right there. well, no, it doesn't say it all. we now have the theme to the reality show thanks to tmz. listen and enjoy. ♪ when you want to learn the mysteries of how things work weather, the planets, the whole universe ♪ ♪ turn into the show that's really effective, watch richard henne, since detective ♪ >> ask the man with the brain that's defective, that's richard henne, science detective. >> stop! stop! please. let me say this. a moment of laughter through all this, stacy, don't you think he would have ended up with a reality show with all this garbage going on? >> i tell you, he is having one right now. >> drew you agree with that as
6:44 pm
well? >> having represented the richard hennes of the world, you know who won? whatever jail time he gets, he is in his joy and pinnacle of his life. some weirdo wacko tv station is going to pay him. he is going to write some stupid book that most logical people won't read but enough people will read. the last laugh is on us. richard henne will make money. >> lisa, do you think that is true? >> notorious people have been getting on reality shows. rod blagojevich who is accused of selling obama's senate seat. octo mom is going to have a british reality show. until we say we are not going to tune in. we are going to tune to more
6:45 pm
substantive things. until then, yeah. >> forgive me for having a laugh at that theme song. >> thanks for putting that in my brain all day, mike. coming up, the text messages from football star steve mcnair's mistress just hours before he was murdered. we are finding more about the 20-year-old woman, the one cops say killed him and turned the gun on herself. what could have led to this?
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
welcome back to "prime news" on hln. great man, nfl teammate you wanted to go to war with. that is what we thought of steve mcnair. we are learning about a sordid life he led off the field.
6:48 pm
nashville police releasing text messages between him and his mistress the last hours before the murder/suicide. the 20-year-old mistress accused of killing him, described as jealous, really coming apart. is one of the last text messages from ms. kazemi. i'm going to have all of you soon. mcnair texting back, yes, you will. i want to bring in jane velez-mitchell, host of "issues with jane velez-mitchell" coming your way at the top of the hour and stacy kaiser. jane, sad on so many fronts, steve mcnair, married, father of four. don't you read in that desperation of her at that point in these last hours? we will read some of the text messages. she was coming apart. >> oh, she was. it was all coming down on her, a convergence of negative factors. she recently had a dui.
6:49 pm
she may have had a drinking problem. she was stressed financially. she was consumed with jealousy. he didn't only have a wife and children, he had another other woman. that other other woman suspects that this woman may have been following her around. you have potential stalking issue here as well. so there is somebody who has clearly gone over the edge and crossed many lines from reasonable behavior into frantic, desperate and slightly insane behavior and killing is the most insane behavior at all. >> all reason was lost. i have to bring stacy in, you look at this, how does a 20-year-old, her whole life ahead of her, come to this place where as jane put it, all reason is gone? >> jane should be a shrink, no doubt. money and relationship stress are at the top of the list.
6:50 pm
a lot of us have those problems and don't kill ourselves and somebody else. this girl was clearly having psychological problems, needed help. she was complaining she was losing it, stopped to take those warning signs. >> yeah, nobody. anybody closer, it seems no one gave her the help that she needed. let me read you a couple more of the texts and this is all from her. we've seen a scream of two or three in a row. it's all ms. kasseemi writing. baby, i have to be with you tonight. i don't care where. tell me where you are going to be? baby, where are you going to be when i get off? i mean, and that the point, jane, we're finding out he's kind of pulling away, so she is really just -- i mean, she's obsessed with this guy at this point, right? >> she's totally obsessed. it would appear. and not to try to play shrink to psychobabble a little bit, she strikes me as the type of young woman who was a waitress who essentially was getting all her self-esteem off of her association with this famous
6:51 pm
man. and that when he indicates he's pulling back, she becomes panicked because that's all she's got going for her in her mind. even though she's a beautiful young woman who may have had many other things going objectively. the way she looks at it, he's her ticket. and he's going away, and that created the desperation and there's a fine line between love and hate, as they always say. >> okay after the break, stacy and i'll continue this conversation. jane, where are you picking up on this story as we continue to look at the sandy of two young lives? >> well, we're going to analyze this, up, down and sideways and try to learn something from it. this is a case that's in the news because it's a famous man. but this is happening all over america in an epidemic of violence to solve problems that could be solved in a peaceful manner. >> okay, jane, we'll be watching, "issues" coming up to the hour. in the meantime, stacy and i you will pick up the conversation. want to hear from you, call in, the number 1-877-tell-hln. @@
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tonight, the war on women escalating out of control. a young college student vanishes right in the middle of a crowded rock concert. cops say the virginia tech student was in a metallica show with her friends on saturday and she hasn't been seen since. her purse, her cell phone, her car, all found abandoned outside of the stadium. tonight, we'll go inside the search for morgan dana harrington and hear from her desperate, heartbroken father. and head-spinning new insight it is into balloon boy soap opera. new pictures shine light on dad's hollywood past. are his handsome head shots exhibit a? that it's all about fame and fortune? cops say this guy planned the whole thing so he could get a reality show.
7:01 pm
but now he could get a $2 million fine. could he also spend time in jail? also, right from the headlines a new "law & order" focusing on the drunk driving mom who killed eight people in a wrongway crash. some critics think it's too soon, and claim the show is cashing in on the victims. but isn't it about time we shine the spotlight on this national epidemic and expose these drunk driving moms? we'll debate it. plus, disturbing new insight into the murder-suicide of steve mcnair and his mistress. we now have text messages sent to and from the nfl superstar. just hours before he was killed. this young woman begged to see mcnair and possibly hinted at murder, telling him "i'm going to have all of you soon." "issues" starts now. tonight, the words every parent fears most, your child is missing. a frantic search is under way for a beautiful young woman who vanished during a packed rock concert. where is 20-year-old morgan
7:02 pm
harrington? the virginia tech student went to a rock show saturday night in charlottesville, virginia. she was separated from her friends. she has not been seen since. >> i'd like to say if morgan is out there and hears us, please come home. if someone has morgan, please let her come home safely. >> morgan was at her parent's home saturday in roanoke. later she went to a metallica concert on the campus of university of virginia. somebody had to have seen something. in a building full of thousands and thousands of people, are there throughs on the arena surveillance footage? police are not sharing very much at all about the evidence in this case. >> i won't comment on any of the evidence that has been found or any belongings that have or have not been found for obvious reasons. do that would, number one,
7:03 pm
jeopardize potential investigative matters. but i can tell you that she will not have any identification with her. >> a family friend says police found morgan's purse in the arena parking lot inside her cell phone with the battery removed. does that ominous discovery point to an abduction? is morgan the latest victim in the war on women in america? it is a battle we cover every day here on "issues." the war on women is being waged more and more on college campuses across the country where female students are becoming crime victims with greater frequency. what do you think about all of this? what can we do about all of this? call me and let me know. first straight out to my outstanding expert panel. stacey honowitz, supervisor of the sex crimes unit at the florida prosecutor's office. brian williams. curtis sliwa founder of the guardian angels. karen desota, defense attorney earn former prosecutor. joining mean on the phone. kareem geller. spokesperson for the virginia state police.
7:04 pm
but first we're very concern everhonored to have with us, dr. dan harrington, morgan's dad. dr. harrington, this is the worst-case scenario for any parent. i can't even imagine what you're going through. we really hope something we bring up tonight helps find your precious, beautiful daughter. explain how your daughter got separated from her friends at the rock concert, if you will, sir. >> caller: i think that information's really not clear. our understanding is that she was with her friends at the arena. and went to the rest room. and somehow, for whatever reason, ended up outside the arena. the arena rules are that you cannot re-enter after you least building. and her last phone call was to the friend inside letting them know that she was outside and could not re-enter the -- cannot re-enter the -- cannot re-enter the arena. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. i think i hear a dog. is that the little dog that your
7:05 pm
daughter is holding in one of the photos? >> caller: yeah. >> the family dog? >> caller: yeah that's her dog kirby. >> oh my, gosh. well, let me bring in another aspect that i think is very crucial, doctor. police say the arena does have surveillance cameras, which i think is good news. what clues could be on that footage, if morgan was not allowed back in the concert after she went to the ladies room. would there be footage of her lingering outside of the stadium? if somebody approached her, or let's say she strungeled with somebody, you have gotten any indication from law enforcement that they are reviewing that videotape to see if somewhere in the 16,000 people in the parking lot, they are -- are catching something, perhaps a vehicle, perhaps an individual who had some contact with your daughter? >> caller: we have no information about that from the authorities. and so your information is as much as mine at this point. >> well, doctor, i'm going to ask you to stand-by for one second. please don't hang up.
7:06 pm
because we have coreean geller, spokesperson for virginia state police. what can you tell us, coreen, about what law enforcement is doing to review the videotapes, or the photos, surveillance? >> caller: well, our investigators have been in touch with the arena, and have been discussing with them about what they do have available in regards to surveillance tapes. at this time, it's very avid investigation and we're persuing every lead that's coming in. we've had numerous lead colosseum is very encouraging and we're really not in a position to start divulging a lot of those details as we're still very new into this investigation. >> well, here's what i don't understand, and please explain this to me. because i would think that if you do have a description of a car or a person, that would be useful to let us know in the sense that anybody who was at that concert might say, oh, i know that guy, or i've seen that car. do you have any kind of a vehicle or individual description in terms of somebody who might be in some way
7:07 pm
connected to morgan that night? >> caller: if we had information that would be able to pinpoint a certain vehicle or individual we were look for, we would obviously put that out immediately. we've been as forthcoming as possible with the information we have. and we really appreciated the many individuals in the public who have come forward and provided us with tips and with information. >> here's my big issue. there is an epidemic of violence against women in america. it seems like every week we're talking about a new horrific case of a missing woman. and really is -- is -- it's demoralizing and scary and horrifying to all of us women. and there are some eerie similarities for example between morgan's disappearance in the case of clifrty cornwell. abducted two months ago, walking along in a rural home from her parent's home from georgia. she'd been talking on her cell phone, that phone later found away three miles away. in the case of morgan, her cell phone was found inside of her
7:08 pm
purse in the very area where she disappeared. dr. harrington, what can you tell us about the purse and the cell phone? we understand the battery was missing. >> caller: that's my understanding as well. but i really don't have any anymore information about that except that the -- her i.d. was in the purse as well as the cell phone with the battery missing. that's the only information i have. >> tell us about your daughter morgan. she is a person who would be likely to scream? is she sort of a feisty talkative young lady or is she more demure? >> caller: morgan is a -- morgan is a wonderful girl. i think probably she's like a lot of people, i think maybe somewhat trusting. and you know that's a worrisome part of all of this. i think -- you know she doesn't think about the bad things about those around her. and she's -- this kind of -- i don't think she has gone away
7:09 pm
with a boyfriend, which she didn't have, or gone away for some other reason. un she was quite close to us. and really pretty transparent in how she lived her life. >> so, no problems with drugs or alcohol or fights? she was just a content, happy, good student living her life? >> caller: we had -- we just had a wonderful summer with morgan, who lived with us and worked for me at our new medical school. and morgan would spend the evennings watching tv with us which was kind of a nice thing on have and when she went away to tech for the fall semester, we would hear from her usually daily because tech's only about 35 minutes from here. she may be would come home midweek or -- or certainly almost every weekend she would at least pop in for part of the day. she was really pretty -- pretty open with us. >> well, she is a beautiful young lady. our thoughts are with you. i'm sure i speak for the entire
7:10 pm
panel and for our entire staff, dr. harrington, we're going to do everything we can to help find your daughter and we hope and pray that she is safe. now we're going to bring in the expert panel to analyze some -- some of the information that's coming up. stacey honowitz, florida prosecutor. your thoughts on all of this? >> i mean, really not a lot to say, jane. in just the hopes that the investigation will lead to something. i think that the real crucial issue in this case is, what do the friends know? they were the last ones to hear from her. and if the bathrooms were inside of the arena what lured her to go outside, not to be able to get back in again? because certainly during a concert you can go to the bathroom and come back in. >> well, you know, sometimes you can't. i've gone to -- i've had times where i have gone to a concert. i didn't buy the ticket so i didn't have the ticket. the tickets werald held by one person. i walked out. and then when i tried to get in, i was told "oh, you don't have a ticket, you can't come back in." that's actually happened to me. korean geller, spokesperson
7:11 pm
virginia state police. is that what happened to morgan? >> caller: we're obviously building that time line and we've had great cooperation from dr. harrington and his family, as well as the friends. as far as detailing exactly her movements and activities leading up to the last contact she had with her friends that night, and of course in trying to piece together exactly what happened after -- >> you have looked at the videotape yet? >> caller: i'm sorry? >> have you looked at the videotape yet of the stadium? >> caller: have i seen the video videotape. >> has anyone from the law enforcement? >> caller: are you talking about surveillance video. >> yeah. >> caller: yes. our investigators are working with the arena as far as looking at what they have available in regards to surveillance. >> you have looked at it though yet? >> caller: yes. they have. they have been working with arina yesterday and today and reviewing what is available on that surveillance video. >> all right. >> well, jane, that -- >> that has to be so difficult. yeah? >> jane, you made the comment before with which i agree with you. sometimes, you know, you said you went outside. you couldn't get back in and if
7:12 pm
that is the case and you texted your friend and said, i can't get back in, then circumstances would lead you to believe that that friend would say, let me go to the door and get you back in with the ticket that i'm holding for you. so i think these are all of the issues that the investigators now are trying to piece together. because that's going to be, you know -- that's going to lead to some answers. >> let me say this, we have to go to the tease. but you know, when i was a teenager, went to rock concerts. what happens you is meet somebody while you are milling about and that's what usually happens. you are talking to somebody, your guard's down and the question is, who did she meet? who was there? is there somebody on videotape? is there a vehicle on videotape? more on the desperate search for morgan in a bit. and also taking your calls, 1-877-jvm-says. 1-877-586-7297. call my with your theories. coming up, uproar over an upcoming episode of "law & order," you're not going to believe, where show producers got their latest idea from. but first a desperate search, a frantic search for this beautiful virginia tech student. where is morgan?
7:13 pm
>> i'd like to say if morgan's out there and hears us, please come home. and if someone has morgan, please let her come home safely.
7:14 pm
7:15 pm
7:16 pm
as you can tell we're pretty distraught with her absence. and want her back home as soon as we can. we'll be fine because we miss our little baby. she is our precious daughter. and we hope that this attention can help bring her back to our home.
7:17 pm
>> that was the heartbroken mother of morgan harrington. her daughter vanished saturday during a crowded metallica concert on the university of virginia campus. the virginia tech student, we don't know, but it's quite possible that she could be the latest victim on the war on women. as the battleground appears to shift to college campuses. just last month annie le was found murder and stuffed inside of the walls of a university laboratory. this innocent woman was inside of a secure ivy league building and now she is dead. we certainly hope that this young woman that we're talking about tonight comes back safe and sound. curtis sliwa, you've been hearing all of this. you're an expert in fighting crime. what are your thoughts in terms of what cops need to do to find out what happened to morgan? >> well, two things. as you mentioned, jane, you go to a concert, you go outside, you're not getting back in because the people at the gate already know that rule. you normally leave the concert area cause you want to do
7:18 pm
something inside the concert that might be illegal and you can't so you go outside and do you it, maybe with friends, maybe with people that you have just hooked up with. second, you notice they find the purse and the cell phone without the battery. i can't tell you how many times guys and gals have had fights and the guy immediately says i'm taking your battery until you calm down. because all of a sudden some kind of momma drama out there and it's the battery that they take out of the cell phone. so i'm assuming something went wrong out at parking lot or in the immediate area of the arena and these are metal-heads remember. where everyone is cool, calm and collected. these are headbangers. they're freaky and deaky to begin with. >> you're right, mel allica, concert. i love metallica. a tough crowd in a sense. although, it kind of attracts middle-age people too, because they're that old at this point. but joining me on the phone is wayne townsend. he believes he saw morgan at the metallica concert saturday
7:19 pm
night. now, this is a facebook page wayne created to help spread the word about morgan's disappearance. wayne, tell us what you saw saturday night. did anything stand out to you at all? >> caller: well, when i pulled up the news monday morning after hearing about morgan's case, after seeing her picture and the description of what she was wearing, it just kind of stuck a bell in the back of my head and i do remember seeing a girl that will matched that description, however the only thing -- >> wait. >> caller: the only place that i can actually describe the location in the arena cause it was very, you know, very crowd throughout the whole area. >> inside or outside? was she outside. >> caller: it was inside on the -- i call it the upper corridor where all of these vendors are where they serve all of the beers and the i.d. check. >> was she alone? >> caller: i couldn't tell if she was alone because there was so many people and kind of like a passing by kind of thing. >> but she says she went out to go to the bathroom and couldn't get back in. was this she after she went into
7:20 pm
the bathroom or inside of the stadium? >> caller: inside of the stadium is where i can remember seeing her. >> whew, wow, but she didn't seem in any any kind of anxiety? >> caller: you know, i mean, we were all soefrpt kind of pushed through and to get to where we were going. i mean, everyone kind of -- a bit of anxiety to them, kind of pushed through. and kind of get to with the part of the arena that they were trying to get to. >> brian russell, psychologist. what do you make of the fact that this was a metallica concert and it would attract a certain time customer? >> well, i don't know that i would make really that much of that. i'd be interested in hearing from the caller who was at concert. is this is kind of a venue where somebody could end up outside the ticket gates trying to get to the rest room or must there had been some other reason for going outside of the ticket area? >> that's what i was saying. yeah. >> wayne, are you still there? >> caller: i'm here. >> all right. karen desoto, i know you've been cheated a little bit tonight.
7:21 pm
just tell us your thoughts in ten seconds. >> my thoughts in ten seconds are three things. this is a young girl we knew from her dad that she's very trusti trusting. she was separated from the pack. those are three elements that predators will definitely look for. and even more -- >> we'll leave it right there. hold on one second. we'll be right back. just a moment.
7:22 pm
7:23 pm
7:24 pm
in the spotlight, tonight -- >> in news this week senate finance committee voted to approve their bill in the health care. this is the first -- oh, no. it's the balloon from colorado. >> hey, how's it going? >> that's pretty funny stuff but alleged balloon boy hoax has gone over like a lead balloon with authorities. colorado prosecutors could charge richard/mayiumi heene with a slew of felonies next
7:25 pm
week and the faa wants to know if the heenes violated regulations because of their crazy crack may have flown within five miles of denver international airport. meantime, tmz's posted bizarre audio of a call made by police to the heene home after a 911 hangup back in february. cops reportedly responded to "family disturbance situation." the responding officer said when he arrived he heard a man yelling. mayiumi had report lida a blood vessel in her eye. she blamed her contacts. cops were very suspicious that it could be domestic violence but didn't have enough evidence to make an arrest. meantime, check out these new publicity head shots of dad. devastating handsome, not. the photographer who snap happened the picks on two separate occasions was also richard heene's landlord.
7:26 pm
she says he was filthy and trashed her home. nice. all of this is video of an all-out balloon boy needia brawl explodes on the internet. this flew sunday as local tv news crews are caught on camera getting physically violent. way to go, guys. those are the tv crews, i know and love and remember back in my days in local news. yem. back with us karen desoto, defense attorney and mike. assignment manager of tmz. mike, i'm afraid to ask what is the very latest on this thing. >> well, you know what, you talked a little bit about this domestic violence call that went on family disturbance, where the wife said you know, it was my contact. you know the same old story after she had a mark on her face. well i did some digging and found out that shef he has a really colored past. a violent past. sexuality a deadly weapon. a gun in the early '80s. he has several arrests here in los angeles. one of the cases where he did 30 days of home arrest. and basically what happened was he tried to run someone over with his car. ended up hitting the guy's car
7:27 pm
while the guy got out of way. i mean it sort of shows the pattern that this guy flies off of the handle in several of these cases, it seems, and if you watch some the videos that we got and some the stuff that you showed, this guy kind of acts out. >> you think? >> it does paint the picture, that -- well, yeah, now that we know this. >> get this. >> that boy is riveting. look back at his criminal record and stuff online and it shows a good pattern that this guy, this hoax was probably a long time coming. >> what might he face if he faces charges next week? >> forget it, let me count the ways. first of all you will have state and you might -- what it's more serious charge, jane, i have to tell you are probably going to be associated with the faa charges. when you interfere with a flight pattern, and remember they stopped planes during this process. so those are very, very serious charges. that's like calling in a bomb threat. it's right up there. it's a very serious felony. >> hang in both of you. guess what?
7:28 pm
we're going to come back to the story. can't leave it alone. real-live tragedy coming up next. you'll hear about it. they said it would never last.
7:29 pm
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get freshness that won't fade away for 60 days. ahhh! with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson, a family company. ripped from the headlines, a new "law & order" focusing on the drunk driving mom who killed eight people in a wrong-way crash. some critics claim the show's cashing in on the victims. but isn't it about time we shine the spotlight on this national epidemic and expose drunk driving months? we'll debate it. plus, disturbing new insights into the murder-suicide of steve mcnair and his mistress. we now have text messages sent to and from the nfl superstar, just hours before he was killed. but first balloon boy dad, richard heene, under fire tonight, former colleagues, friends and now the fed, all on his case. cops say he and his wife mayiumi
7:31 pm
might have committed felonies. last thursday, allegedly. now the faa is looking into whether their balloonless balloon, or their boyless balloon, violated airspace by flying too close to the airport. meantime, no shortage of talkers on the morning shows today. here's the guy who says richard heene deliberately hood winked the public to get attention for a reality show. listen. >> i was under the impression that he was attempting to get the attention of the network for a reality show. i will say that he was very interested in being famous. >> ah, you think? turns out balloon boy, dad, was reaching out to hollywood too. according to his former video editor, richard heene once spoke to william scatter in, aka, captain kirk, live long and prosper from "star trek." shatner's comment -- mike walters from tmz, i think i
7:32 pm
have a motive now. in fact, i'm going to direct this over to karen desoto. okay, an attorney for the former associate said heene wanted to get rich quick so he could build a bunker or something underground where he could be safe from the sun exploding because he thinks the world is going to end in 2012. >> well -- well, thank god he's insane because anyone who would do this and do this type of hoax, i would hope that they're hearing voices and drooling because any person who is somewhat with it, it's very disturbing that they would do this. and use their children, jane. i think that's what's so disturbing is the use of the children. i'm sure that there's probably been at least ten, 20 complaints to youth services at this point. so i hope those investigators get out. >> how about plead insanity. i wonder if he could because this stuff is really crazy. a lot of the stuff that friends are saying he talked about -- >> i don't -- >> -- is really crazy stuff. >> -- i don't think is going to work unless he's hearing voice and drooling like i said, because who -- i mean, this is just ridiculous what he did and how he did it. and he should be more worried
7:33 pm
about losing custody of his children at this point. >> several of richard heene's former co-workers have been speaking out in the wake in busted balloon stunt. here's what one of his business partners told the cbs "early show." >> richard just went ballistic. and it was more than acting. i mean, i actually became afraid and to the point that the producer stop -- stop the shot. the cameraman pulled him off. >> what did he do. >> oh, he -- >> tell. >> he jumped off of the couch, ran down the hall, grabbed some toilet paper and ran back and was physically trying to shove it in my mouth for my verbal diarrhea. >> mike walters, bad stuff being said about this guy. that he's filthy. that he's mean spirited. that he tried to stuff toilet paper in somebody's mouth. >> well, yeah, i mean i actually saw photos today of his office here in los angeles that he left and went to colorado. he left it a pig sty. but i can also tell you one of
7:34 pm
his ex-employees. another one that he worked with in l.a. actually called the department of family and child services on him. claiming he obviously uses his children in some of this stuff. i have videos here where he uses his children to film his antics, like launching rockets and these, 6, 5, 3-year-old kids are right near all that stuff. likeuing earlier that's the most serious thing here is if he uses these children and gets the felony for the delinquency to minors i mean that is the disgusting part with this guy is that you know what, you want a reality show. fine. go around the network, come to hollywood, try to get it. don't use your 6-year-old to neid a box for 4 1/2 hours and get it that way. it's disgusting. >> here here, agree, with you 100 pores that. this guy's got a lot of explaining do. turn to a very tragic story, the wrong-way drunk driver story. nbc's "law & order" is reportedly filming one of their famous ripped from the headlines episodes based on this tragedy.
7:35 pm
cops say diane schuller was wasted on booze, high on pot when she wrecked her minivan driving the wrong way on a new york highway in july. she killed four little kids including her own daughter and three other men in an oncoming suv. total death toll, eight people, including herself. now michael bit offardi jr, whose dad dplied that carnage is outraged over the show. he tells the "new york post"that is the show is, grabbing a tragedy." i hope the show displays the horror of it. how evtill is." now we reached out to nbc but we did not hear back before the deadline. meanwhile, this wouldn't be the first time viewers have seen stories we cover right hire on "issues" ripped from the headlines by "law & order." >> justin holland. seizures while dancing. dplied a private ambulance on the way to the e.r. >> party animal, road kill. what are we doing here?
7:36 pm
>> he's laura's son. >> the strip who married the 90-year-old billionaire. is this his kid. >> so she claims. his family's been contesting for years. >> maybe the contest's over. what did he die of? >> cause? illegal cocktail of methadone and antidepressants. >> you guessed it, that was a reenactment of the death of anna nicole's son daniel. tom ruskin, he's a spokeman for daniel shuler, the husband of the now-diseased wrong-way driver. tom, thank you for joining us. it seems both sides here can agree on one thing, the bit offardis and your client oppose to this upcoming "law & order" episode based on the tragic accident. why is daniel so upset about the show being made? >> well, it's -- it's highlighting a tragedy in daniel's life, that scarred his life. four families lost family members that day when this
7:37 pm
tragic accident happened. and to sensationalize a very horrific tragic accident that's less than two months old or slightly just over two months old i think it's disgusting. >> i don't know. tom, i love you and we have you on the show. you're a friend of show. but i have to say, stacey honowitz, it doesn't bother me because drunk driving is a huge problem in america. and one of the ways that people get information is through entertainment shows. and so to me, information is information. it really doesn't matter the source. if it's going to help people realize the horror of driving drunk, then it's something that can be helpful. >> i have to totally agree with you, jane. i think that to see it firsthand like that and i understand the families may be upset. it is a tragic, horrible insdhaent took place, but it is reality. and i know that the show sometimes put a spin on it but the bottom line is that's how people get information. i often tell people, if you want to know what really goes on in a courtroom rather than listening to it on tv go into a courtroom
7:38 pm
and see it for a day. see what happens. see how you feel afterwards. so i think it is a good idea for the public to see information like this disseminated in whatever form. happens to be on an nbc show, then that's the way to show it then. >> "& order" also ripped the casey anthony story from the headlines. watch this. >> here you are drunk and partying it up in cabo. going to crown your mother of the year, huh? >> you have no right to judge me. >> you were down at the shore grabbing some guy's crouch while she stays at home. do you know where that was taken? right off killed your daughter. >> i didn't kill her! she means everything to me. >> now, curtis sliwa, that would be a bigger problem for casey anthony's defense, to me, because she doesn't have a trial yet so you could argue this show could influence the jury pool. but in this case it doesn't seem that there's going to be any criminal case because the district attorney has said, the
7:39 pm
criminality has died along with the driver, who passed away. >> yeah, well first of all i disagree with the district attorney. she's never impanelled the grand jury. she's basically said it doesn't require a grand jury. i day,gree with that because so many facts that need to come to light. secondly, how many virgins are there on now "law & order" now jane, five, six virgins that are constantly ripped headlines. when i got shot on -- they did a "law & order" episode on me. didn't put me in a very positive light but that's the way that television is and in this case you are right, showing a woman, a mother with children in a van, going up the wrong way of a highway drunk and under the influence of marijuana, may send a lightning bolt of responsibility to others. may think twice before doing it. >> brian rus sel, isn't it true that the person who made this story a story is the husband of the wrong-way driver who insisted that the police were wrong when they said she had a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit and also showed signs of smoking pot. he was the one who made a story. >> yeah, and he tried to tell us
7:40 pm
that it was because she was using some kind of tooth sensitivity medication instead of the obvious intoxication that was going on. i can understand why he doesn't like the idea of this episode. because it points you know, again, to the horrendous conduct of his -- you know unfortunately deceased wife. i don't understand so much why the other folks involved, the family members of the other victims are against it, because i'm with you. i think the only good that can come out of a tragedy like this is if it highlights the -- you know, the horrendousness of this behavior. >> and we have to leave it there. >> leaving other people to jump it and stop it. >> i think that most of us agree, it's something that we've got learn. drugs and alcohol are at the very hart heart of this heartbreaking tragedy. was diane shuler a client drug abuser? i talk about my own addiction with alcohol. how i struggled to overcome it and got sober 14 years ago and also faced addiction to sugar, a whole bunch of substances. maybe you are battling some kind of addiction, maybe you know somebody who is, if so, read my book.
7:41 pm
it will help with any adpictionp you can order it online at it's also in book stores. up next, a reality tv star busted selling thousands of oxycontin pills. wait till you hear how he allegedly funded his drug ring empire. and then steve mcnair's murder a desperate act for attention? we'll examine newly released text messages between mcnair and his girlfriend/killer. i want to hear what you think, 1-877-jvm-says. 1-877-586-7297.
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all right let's meet today's winner. from youngstown, ohio. mickey remembers his very first drink at age 14 during his grandparents' 50th anniversary party. that drink told a 30-year-old addiction that ultimately led to two failed marriages and jail time. rock bottom for mickey after heart surgery when when he realized hey i have to make a change if i want to work. he attends recovery meetings all the time. on halloween, this year, mickey will celebrate one year sober. way to go, halloween. good anniversary. mickey, for sharing your story you'll be getting a new autographed copy of my new book
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"iwant." i promise you a really good time. congratulations, dude. all right, newly released text messages between nfl star steve mcnair and his girlfriend moments before she shot and killed him. but first "top of the block" tonight. yet another reality tv star making headlines. what's going on here? and you know when that happens it means one thing, shrug ball. case in point, "big brother winner" adam jasinski, this guy in a heap of trouble. cops say he's been using the money he won in 2008 from the cbs reality show and bought thousands of oxycontin pills. a half a million dollars worth? hm. that's a lot and then sold them, allegedly, along the east coast for a quick profit. federal prosecutors say he was busted saturday in boston when he pulled out a sock filled with 2,000 oxycontin pills and tried selling them to an undercover cop. his apparent insanely dangerous stunt could cost him 20 years in jail. wow!
7:47 pm
you know what that means, one less person on the streets angling for a reality show. a small step forward in a huge nationwide epidemic as well in the war on drugs. and that is tonight's "top of the block." bone-chilling new details about former nfl star, steve mcnair's final hours. the last messages between mcnair and his mistress before the gruesome, and i mean gruesome murder-suicide. tonight, a disturbing portrait emerging of a woman consumed with jealousy caught in a love triangle. did this toxic combination cause mcnair's other woman to crack and kill? cops believe mcnair's girlfriend sahel kazemi shown here in this facebook photo posted on, lured the quarterback, a big guy to the condo, where she shot him twice in the chest and once in each temple before killing herself. a look inside of her mindset
7:48 pm
that night. police release a desperate text message sent hours before the murder. she begs mcnair to meet her, saying, "baby, i have to be with you tonight. i don't care where. baby, i might have ray breakdown. i'm so stressed. and i'm going to have all of you soon." the persistent text messaging continued for eight long hours until mcnair finally agreed, i'll meet you at the condo. sahel sent him an eerie final message at 1:00 in the morning about the front door she texted "it's open." indeed, 12 hours later their bodies were discovered inside. what caused this woman to snap? it was because she'd apparently found out that she was not the only one, he was not only married, but he was seeing another other woman? she confided in a friend from work about that. listen. >> the very first thing she asked me, have you ever been in love? that's exactly what she asked me. she said we've been on all kinds of vacations but she says lately he act like he doesn't want to
7:49 pm
spend time with me and it's just killing me and i don't know what to do. she knew the relationship was ending. she was beautiful on the outside but she was just dead on the inside. >> did this woman plot a murder-suicide because she knew her relationship was unraveling? straight out to my expert panel and joining us kate howard, the reporter for "the tennesseean." kate, what can you add to this story. it's such a complexed web. >> it is complex. some the details have been sort of evolving as we learn more about this case. obviously, we know now what kazemi had been saying to steve mcnair during the course of the evening. that she was interested in knowing for sure whether he loved her, whether they were going to be together and that kind of thing and we know now also that she had learned that he was involved in possibly a second relationship. >> and she had a dui, right? >> she did. >> before this. she may have had a drinking problem on top of everything else. is this a case of a scorned lover turned into murder? listen.
7:50 pm
>> we also have reason to believe that kazemi recently learned before this day that she believed mcnair was involved with another woman and that too participated in her state too precipitated in her state of mind, we think. >> check out these photos of mcnair's other alleged girlfriend, leah. these are from facebook, and they're posted on and the leah person claims that she felt that there was a woman in a black escalade following her and watching her. so brian russell, do we get a sense of a woman obsessed, with jealousy and fear that she might lose this man to another woman to the point where she's driving around following the other other woman? remember, he's married, too. >> yes, we get that. and the more important thing we get is a lesson for everybody watching, and that is that engaging in extramarital affairs is risky business. first of all, it puts one's spouse and one's children in severe emotion -- in danger of severe emotional harm at the
7:51 pm
very least. and then if anybody involved is emotionally unstable enough to become violent it puts oneself and one's loved ones in physical danger. i'm not saying he deserved to get shot for having an affair, but i'm saying had he not -- >> hang in there. we're going to be back. more after the break.
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
we believe now at this time that mcnair was seated on the sofa and likely was asleep, and we believe that kazemi shot him in the right temple, then shot him twice in the chest, and shot him a final time in the left temple. kazemi then positioned herself next to mcnair on the sofa and shot herself once in the right temple and expired. >> we're talk k about the horrific murder-suicide of nfl superstar steve mcnair and his mistress, kazemi. another aspect of this case, substance abuse. take a look at surveillance video shot two days before the
7:55 pm
murder-suicide. here she is, kazemi getting pulled over and arrest for dui. she was driving mcnair's black escalade. police say she refused a breathalyzer and told cops she was not drunk but she was high. curtis sliwa, i wonder, could she have been on something the night of the murder-suicide? i mean, let's face it, most of these crimes people don't do stone cold sober, they do when they're hopped up on something. >> oh, no question, jane. but this sounded more like maury povich than anything we regularly see. bill clinton is envious of steve mcnair. he's doing the double dutch. two gumarahs on the side plus the wife and kids and he's text messaging back and forth with gumarah number one and gumarah number two. he's almost double the age of the young lady who took his life. man, this guy was asking for double trouble and -- >> i agree with what brian had to say. it's not just an idea that somebody got involved with a married man. it wasn't even the wife probably that sent her over the edge because she knew what she was getting into.
7:56 pm
it was the idea she didn't have money, she was living a life with him that she didn't have before, he was traveling with her, taking her places, paying her bills, and then he got another girlfriend on the side. so the idea of all this combined with maybe a drug or an alcohol problem is what really sent her over the edge, and now in these text messages we really get to see her state of mind and the desperation she was facing right before -- >> stacy, you're right because money problems figured in this. they were stressing kazemi. she texted mcnair that she was having a breakdown. she asked him to transfer $2,000 to her account, texting, "baby, i need to pay the cell phone bills n the hospital. can you transfer 2,000 to my account?" well, guess what? mcnair agreed to transfer the money and when talking about money she wrote she can hardly breathe. so brian russell, there's another stressor. there's possible drug abuse. you've got the jealousy. and now money. >> yeah, and here's another lesson for folks, jane. if you're with somebody who's willing to cheat on somebody else to be with you, you're crazy if you think they're not going to cheat on you at some
7:57 pm
point. >> absolutely. kate howard, are we missing anything? we've got the money, we've got the dui, we've got the jealousy, we've got the other other woman, and apparently she was afraid that he was backing off and may have been getting ready to break up with kazemi. >> mm-hmm. that's what she had told some of her friends, and she had said she got the impression that he was becoming more distant. one thing i did want to pont out is she didn't have any alcohol in her system the night she died but she did have a small amount of marijuana. >> small amount of marijuana? >> mm-hmm. which may have been -- >> interesting. >> that probably didn't do it. i think it was psychological, emotional stuff more so than the substance. if the only substance -- >> getting worse as the days went on. every single day probably the stress was more and more. and finally it got to a breaking point. and we saw that in the persistent phone calls that night. call after call every three minutes trying to get to him. and it was an act of desperation clearly. >> let me tell you, she's definitely got something in her system during this video because she can't even walk. thank you, fantastic panel, for joining me.
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